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Glyoxylic acid 50% without glyoxal content ,Cas No.:298-12-4

CAS No.:298-12-4

FOB Price: USD1320/MT FOB
  • Min.Order Quantity: 20MT
  • Supply Ability: 5500MT/Month.
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T LC or DP
  • Product Details

Quick Details

  • Other Names:
  • Specification:Technical grade
  • MF:C2H2O3
  • EINECS No:206-058-5
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Type:Pharmaceuticals
  • Purity:50%MIN
  • Application:hair care product,skin care product
  • Appearance:Yellowish transparent liquid
  • Molecular weight:74.04
  • Packaging Details:
  • Delivery Detail:Delivery as Dangerus 8 product


Product Detail

We are one of the biggest manufacturers of glyoxylic acid 50% ,our purpose is doing our best to offer best product, price and service!

We can offer glyoxylic acid 50% solution without glyoxal content,it is a very high quality and popular in cosmetic industry.

About Reach 

Have registration, have business ! 

We have pre-registered all of our products supplied in EU and have made the full registration for Glyoxylic acid and glyoxal . We are planning to do the registration for other main product by year till to 2019, in order to guarantee our consistent supplies after the deadline.

Features of glyoxylic acid 

Colorless or pale yellow liquid, miscible with water, slightly soluble in alcohol and ether. not soluble esters, aromatic solvents. The solution is very unstable place in the air, but not bad, Glyoxylate in water solution In the hydrated form, is corrosive. 

Application of glyoxylic acid

Glyoxylic acid can be applied successfully in the agro,pharma and fine chemical industries.

1.Used as material for methyl vanillin, ethyl vanillin in flavor industry.

2.used as intermediate for atenolol,D-hydroxybenzeneglycin, broadspectrum antibiotic, amoxicillin(orally taken),acetophenone ,amino acid etc.

3.Used as intermediate of varnish material, dyes, plastic, agrochemical, allantoin and daily-use chemical etc.It is popular in the cosmetic industry,for hair dye;hair care product;skin care product ect.

4.Glyoxylic acid is the material for water purificants,pesticides.It is used as an intermediate of varnish material and dyes.

5.Glyoxylic acid also can be used in the preservation of food,as a crosslinking agent of polymerization and as a plating additive.

Typical physical properties


Pale yellow transparent liquid

Specific Gravity,(25/25℃)


Boiling point


Freezing/melting point


Specification of glyoxylic acid 50%


Grade C

Grade B

Grade A


Pole yellow transparent Liquid

Glyoxylic Acid

50% min

Oxalic Acid

1% max



Total Acidity


Nitric Acid


0.1% max

Not detected





Operative standard: Enterprise inner standard Q/GH01-2012 

Package of glyoxylic acid




1. 250kg /plastic drum,20 tons /20 foot container.

2. 1250 kg/IBC drum,20 tons /20 foot container.

3. 20-26tons per ISO-TANK 

or packed according to the requirements of customers.

Shelf life and storage

Glyoxylic acid has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in cool dry place without exposure to air. 

We export glyoxylic acid from 2011,We have obvious growth in sales each year,And now also continues to grow.



Why choose us ?

We export our glyoxylic acid to more than 25 countries, and has been cooperate with more than 80 clients ,our clients make us pride.


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