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CAS No.:6837-24-7

FOB Price: USD 4440/MT FOB
  • Min.Order Quantity: 14.4MT
  • Supply Ability: 100MT/month
  • Port: SHANGHAI
  • Payment Terms: T/T, LC, DP
  • Product Details

Quick Details

  • Other Names:1-cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidinon;1-cyclohexyl-pyrrolidin-2-one;n-cyclohexyl
  • Specification:First grade
  • MF:C10H17NO
  • EINECS No:229-919-7
  • Place of Origin:SHANGHAI
  • Type:Basic organic raw materials
  • Purity:99%
  • Application:As a kind of liquid to photoresist
  • Appearance:
  • Molecular weight:167.25
  • Packaging Details:180kg/drum
  • Delivery Detail:Delivery as general product


Product Detail

We can supply N-Cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone(CHP)CAS 6837-24-7 with lowest factory price,high quality and regular basis.

Specification of N-Cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone(CHP) 





Content ,%



Moisture %-+


0. 12

Colour and lustre

<100 APHA



The results conforms with Enterprise standards

More About N-Cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone(CHP)


Standard: first grade

Content: 99%min


Loading port: Shanghai or Qingdao

Synonyms: 1-cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidinon;1-cyclohexyl-pyrrolidin-2-one;n-cyclohexyl;n-cyclohexylpyrrolidinone;CHP;LABOTEST-BB LT00159787;1-CYCLOHEXYL-2-PYRROLIDINONE;1-CYCLOHEXYL-2-PYRROLIDONE



Use Of N-Cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone(CHP)

As a kind of liquid to photoresist, CHP (usually and other solvents, such as used in combination with N - methyl pyrrolidone) has been employed in the electronics industry, in the synthesis of copper circuit boards can be used as chemical polishing agent, at the same time in the textile industry as a dyeing carrier synthesis of aramid fiber.

Package Of N-Cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone(CHP)

180kg/drum, or according to the customers’demand

One 20FCL can load 14.4MT/80drums.

Storage: Stored in the dry and ventilated inside storeroom, prevent direct sunlight, slightly pile and put down, should avoid the open fire.


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