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Shandong Guangtongbao Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd

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Guangtong Group Shandong Guangtongbao Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd is the largest manufacturer of chlorophyll series products and vitamin k1 series products.    

Shandong Guangtongbao Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd. started to make research on chlorophyll series products from the 70s. After nearly forty years’ efforts, we now have developed several series and more than a dozen varieties, i.e. chlorophyll paste, oil-soluble chlorophyll, sodium copper chlorophyllin, sodium magnesium chlorophyllin, sodium ferrous chlorophyllin, sodium zinc chlorophyllin, vitamin k1oil,vitamin k1 powder, vitamin k1 oxide, vitamin D3, natural phytol and 2,6-diphenyl phenol, etc., all the products possess drugs or food production qualification. Our company became a leading enterprise with the most core competitiveness which lead the development direction of global chlorophyll and vitamin K1 industry.

Shandong Guangtongbao Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise combining research and development, production and trade as a whole. The research and development center of the company is “ Weifang Municipal Enterprise Technology Center” and “Weifang Engineering Research Center”. In 2012, our company was identified as high-tech enterprises. It is the only drafter of WS-10001-(HD-0414)-2002, the national drug standard of sodium copper chlorophyllin and GB26406-2011, the national standard of sodium copper chlorophyllin food additives. Our company has passed the ISO9001 (quality management system), ISO 22000 (food safety management system) and ISO14001 (environmental management system) certification, and went through Kosher certification for Jews. It is the only company passing the GMP Certification in the same industry of domestic enterprises. A number of scientific research achievements of our company fill the blank of domestic products and technology, and overcome the quality problems which required by EU(EP), the UK (BP) and American (USP) quality standard requirements, i.e. heavy metals, color and solvent residue, and combine with the application fields requirements, solve a series of problems that the sodium copper chlorophyllin can't be used under acidic conditions. Our company now has 12 patents, another two invention patents have been accepted by China Intellectual Property Office. In addition, our company also has a long-term good cooperation relation with many famous domestic universities and research institutions.

Our company adheres to the values of "care, justice, loyalty, responsibility and development idea "develop based on security, survival with environmental protection first ", in order to "create value for customers, make life more exciting" as own duty, devotes itself in building "first-class management, excellent quality, team harmony, environmental friendly" professional team which leads the development of the industry, and take concrete actions to influence society, serve society and return society.

Guangtong Pharmaceutical Co., accumulate steadily, will sincere cooperation with the domestic and foreign general partners in the future development and effort to build a modern enterprise which possess international competitiveness and influence.