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Yatai Electrochemistry Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Hebei,China
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    Business liscence,ISO certificate

Factory details

Yatai Electrochemistry Co., Ltd.  is located in Hebei Province, Shenzhou City, the Royal Town East industrial area adjacent to high, Shi De railway and highway 392, convenient transportation. Companies registered capital of 98880000 yuan, 650 employees, including 60 technicians, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 ,2012for 5 consecutive years the company paid taxes to exceed ten million yuan, for Shenzhou economy development made due contribution. YaTai existing including potassium perchlorate, sodium perchlorate, sodium chlorate, ammonium persulfate, potassium persulfate, sodium persulfate, sulfuric acid, 7 kinds of products.

The company's products are widely used in aerospace, polymer materials, fine chemical, petrochemical, water treatment and other major areas, and its excellent quality, quality service to win the favor of the majority of customers, in addition to meet the domestic demand, but also exported to foreign countries more than 30 countries and regions, product market share reached 38%.

 The company always adhere to the business and social benefits do many things at once, in the enterprise growth, profit growth and improve corporate credibility and integrity, within the grasp quality, outside the grasp of influence, through the improvement of their own to improve the quality of the products, improve the service to enhance the company's influence and customer credibility, to achieve the enterprise and consumers a win-win situation situation.

In the current national vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction work, to achieve circular economy under the impact of the policy, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the company vigorously implement the technical reformation, successively in 2010, in 2011 the introduction of the current domestic advanced electrolysis equipment, eliminate backward production capacity, and on the new annual output of 220000 tons of sulfuric acid project, make full use of acid process the waste heat generated by the substitution of 2 10 tons of boiler, reducing energy consumption and pollution emissions, the implementation of this project, also proved that the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, through technical improvements to realize enterprises and stronger, bigger, to do a long the necessity and importance of.

Development at the same time, the construction of enterprise culture is also a necessary link, companies with Chinese traditional culture as the foundation, active learning " disciple gauge ", with " sincere work, is the heart " as the core of enterprise culture and spirit, after years of practice, not only clean worker heart, condense employee force, more surrounding the building of spiritual civilization and culture play a role in promoting the transformation of.

 In the development process of many years, gradually realize the importance of brand building, the company now has "YuYou ", " YaTai" double the famous brand of Hebei Province, the friends of jade brand high potassium chlorate product won the five session ( 15 years ) famous-brand products of Hebei province. " YaTai " brand in 2007 China Trademark Festival was named " national consumer favorite brand " national top ten, award of Hebei province only this one. In May 27, 2011, " YaTai " trademark by the State Administration for Industry and commerce as a well-known trademark in China " ".

 We always take the " carry forward the spirit of YaTai, contend for start world brand " for the development goals, to " intangible than tangible, brand and achievements of the future " concept of development, adhere to the "quality of survival, innovation and development ", from the overall product quality proceed with, pay close attention to technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the products, bigger and stronger " and " brand, as the "YaTai " brand to the world and work!