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Nantong Huilong Electronic Material Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Jiangsu,China
  • Total Employees: 35
  • Year Established:


  • Certifications:

    Business liscence, ISO certificate

Factory details

Nantong Huilong Electronic Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. Located at Pingchao town, Nantong Huilong Electronic Material Co., Ltd is a hi-tech resource, research and manufacturing company, with a land of 18,000sqm. With complete facilities, Huilong enjoys solid foundation to be a victory in the market. Our departments include General Manager, factory department, R&D department, Quality assurance department, Production manufacturing department, account department and equipment section. There are 35 employees in Huilong now, 6 of them are managers, and about 50% of staffs are technicians. Huilong is well equipped with the leading apparatus too, including dozens sets of stainless steel reaction kettles, Enamel reaction kettles, 2 sets of Liquid ammonia buffer equipment, one set of resin exchange water-production equipment and 2 sets of large-scale drying equipment. There are complete inspection and analysis instruments in our inspection department. To reduce the quantity of discharges, we invested and built an automatic program-controlled smokeless boiler.

 The daily production and operation of Huilong are strictly in accordance with the requirements of manufacturing methods, thus our products can meet the standards of nation and company completely. At present, we mainly produce over 40 specifications and 3 series of products: One, Working electrolytes for capacitor; Two, Ammonium Adipate and Boric Acid for Aluminum foil industry; There, additives of electrolytes. Especially, we have successfully developed electrolytes for energy-saving lamp and Ammonium Hypophosphite. With the development and production of these new products, Huilong now possesses a solid position in the fields of electronic chemicals.

Huilong keeps paces with time and follows national policy closely. Taking "energy-saving and discharge-reducing" as precondition and "be exploring, practical, optimizing and transcending" as development policy, we are working hard to develop new technologies and make new contribution to the development of electronic industry!