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Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Location: Sichuan,China
  • Total Employees: 1200
  • Year Established:


  • Certifications:

    Business liscence, ISO certificate

Factory details

  Founded in December, 2007, Fuhua Tong-da Agro-chemical Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Fuhua), was located in Qiaogou town, Wutong district, Leshan city, Sichuan province. It was a foreign holdings company that is the only enterprise having a scale production of glyphosate in the southwest of china. And it had been titled as the designated glyphosate production enterprise by China's national development and reform commission.

  During the “twelfth five-year plan”, based on the thought ordered by Fuhua leaders “basing on the salt phosphate resources, making the Agrichemical park as the centre, developing new refrigerant and silicon product, taking low carbon and sustainable development route of high-tech and fine recycling economy”, Fuhua now has formed an annual output of 120000-ton/ year glyphosate Tech, 200000-ton/year caustic soda, 375000 kwh CHP , and 1 million-ton/year brine. During this time, the 120000-ton/year hydrogen peroxide project, 200000-ton/year chloride methane project, 60000-ton/year trichlorosilane project , 80000-ton/ year new refrigerant project, 500000-ton/year ion-exchange membrane caustic soda project, and 5milliom kwh CHP project, altogether 14 progects will be finished and put into production. At the end of this time, Fuhua annual output value will add to 35 billion, creating 5000 jobs for employees. So, at the beginning of 2011, Fuhua had been settled as“one of one hundred key enterprises” during the twelfth five-year plan by Sichuan government. The large-scale recycling economy agro-chemical industrial park has been initially formed. As a result, the glyphosate production capacity will rank in the top of the world in the end of 2015. At that time, Fuhua will become the only large-scale agro-chemical enterprise which has a prefect production line from raw materials to end products in domestic.

   As Fuhua moves forward to the“ international chemical enterprise”, it also tries its best to become a leader supplier for agro-chemical products and crop seeds in the world. The headquarter of Fuhua Tong-da is located in the southwestern of china, whose five provinces own broad land, ample resource, diversity species, and farming as the main production mode. The company has put the sight to seed project, and associates with Sichuan Agriculture University, Leshan Agriculture Sciences Institute in technology research and development and project construction. The company has taken over three seed companies in 2011. In recycling economy agro-chemical industrial park, Fuhua sets a five- square-kilometer breeding base, RD center, and a test-field to breed special seed varieties, and settles agricultural supermarket shop, servicing for farmer. What’s more, it plans to cooperate with overseas companies, and puts research on genetically modified seeds, perfectly combining the pesticide with seed production.

   Join hands for mutual benefits, create a bright future together. Fuhua bases on all-around services, focuses on customers’ requirements, uses international standards of the same industry to improve itself, to provide the best qualified, and the most professional services to customers. Fuhua has always been keeping it a promise with its own actions for society, partners, and enterprises that creates a win-win future. Fuhua has rapid development, as the result from the same developing consciousness we own, the co-creating power we get. We can see the great future of win-win cooperation.