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Heze Runquan Chemical Co., Ltd

  • Location: Shandong,China
  • Total Employees: 80
  • Year Established:


  • Certifications:

    Business liscence,ISO certificate

Factory details

Heze Runquan Chemical Co., Ltd., is a production, research and development of chemical products business. The company is located in Taiwan Heze City Road Development Zone in Shandong Province, covering 129 acres and strategic location, south high-speed highway tight days and 220 National Road, convenient traffic.

Since its inception, follow the "quality win the market, to win credibility" business purposes, strengthening quality management, establish brand awareness, the company's main products are glyoxal, formaldehyde, methylal.

Run-chuen, chemical products application SUPCON WEBFIELD ECS-100X distributed control system, controlled feeding, precision ratio, intelligent analysis and detection, controlled oxidation reaction, automatically detect the material, production process real-time monitoring. It is the degree of automation in the industry highest production lines, the largest single set of device capabilities of the system, to achieve an annual output of 20,000 tons glyoxal, methylal 40,000 tons, 100,000 tons of formaldehyde solution, the product to achieve excellent quality standards.

Company sophisticated production equipment, product quality testing means complete, has experienced a catalytic oxidation process route for preparing engineering and technical personnel, all this formed a reliable product quality assurance. Companies persist in using the first-class quality and develop new markets, first-class reputation to win customers; adhere to strict production management procedures and reasonable production operating costs, and you work together, the total development plans!