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PCMX Production Method Reform

Release date:Aug 21, 2016 6:28:39 PM Browsing times:4678

PCMX is an antimicrobial chemical compound used as a preservative to control bacteria, algae, and fungi in adhesives, emulsions, paints, cooling fluids, glue, cosmetics, hygiene products such as hair conditioners and deodorants, topical medications, urinary antiseptics and metal working fluids. But in China, as the material Isophorone can not chain with the Pcmx equipment. So the cost is higher lead to the PCMX price is high.


Now the biggest Isophorone manufactuer (Tongling New Technology Co.,Ltd)developed one new plant.It can combine the Isophorone equipment to PCMX workshop. So present PCMX cost is lower usd500/mt than previous old production method.

So Now we own:

1. High-Tech possesses the most orbicular PCMX industrial chain in the world;

2. The only Chloroxylenol supplier which industry chain starts from Acetone to Chloroxylenol (PCMX) / Di-Chloroxylenol (DCMX);

3.Global leading Annual Capacity;

4.Global market share of Huanxin: Chloroxylenol (PCMX) around 60%, Di-Chloroxylenol (DCMX) is over 80%;

5.Our PCMX filled domestic gaps of this product in China;

6.Our PCMX obtained award of ministerial (provincial) Prize of Technology Progress;

7.Our PCMX & DCMX obtained High-Tech Product Certificate by Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department.


Complete Production Formalities:

1.More and more strict environmental protection environment of China makes it more difficult to get governmental production qualification for chemical manufacturers. All domestic chemical zones and plants are being inspected by governmental departments;

2.we have obtained complete production formalities. All the production and operation are legal and reliable;

3.Got all Approvals of “Work Safety” and “Environmental Protection”;

4.Safe Work Approval: Safety Production License and Certificate of Work Safety Standardization;

5.Environmental Protection Approval: Pollution-Discharge Permit of Anhui Province.

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we need offer with complete plant to produce PCMX in Egypt with capacity 2000 ton / year Thanks Gamal
2019-07-07 reply
we need offer with complete plant to produce PCMX in Egypt with capacity 2000 ton / year Thanks
2019-07-07 reply
We have developed unique formulations of PCMX. We are interested in partnering or selling our technology. If interested please contact me. Paul ESI has developed various formulations employing hydrophobic and hydrophilic antimicrobials. Our intellectual properties include trade secrets, patent pending and know-how. The patent examiners' office has acknowledged in particular the novelty of our emulsions of nanoparticle size and high zeta potential (an indicator of emulsion stability). Our developments include liquid formulations that can be dispensed by various means including sprays, foams, gels, and in wipes. Methods have been developed to vary viscosity and formulations are developed with "green" chemistries for applications of disinfection, sanitization, and cleaning (not regulated). Some antimicrobials formulated with include parachlorometaxylenol (PCMX), essential oils, benzethonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, PVP-iodine, and alcohols. ESI is looking to partner or offer for purchase its technologies. Paul S. Malchesky, D.Eng. Vice President, Chief Science Officer EnviroSystems, Inc. 10 W. Erie St. Painesville, OH 44077 cell 440-487-0933 440-358-1102 fax 440-358-1104
2017-10-26 reply

Yes we are interested, Let us know the detail information either by mail or on call, Contact us: 8007029954/8624893221